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So recently our group lost a longtime gamer due to family illness. I Keep a “core 4” that we game with and up to 3 others in the group. We game with 4 minimum. We also have a young lady that will be taking off for a baby soon, but has promised to come back.
So begins my search to find a few more people to populate the table. Group dynamics are very important to me-as a Project Manager I have found that this can ruin a game if not properly balanced. So I try to get close to a 50/50 mix of male/females.  Also complicating matters is that one player easily grows bored of his character and wants to roll up a new one every 5 or so levels.  So I started a meetup page, sort of a portal to our FB page.   When somebody joins and they appear to be reliable and a good fit for our group, I invite them to the FB page and meet the group.  Before they even sit down with us the group has a dialogue with him/her and they are checked out.  I do this also because I game at my house and inviting a perfect stranger can be dangerous.

Clearlake/South Geeks/Pathfinders

Houston, TX
24 Members

Portal to a Pathfinder group in the Clearlake Area.  Located in Clearlake(really close to Ellington field).  Please do not join unless you are interested in joining a gaming g…

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